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Advertisement on Muses of Metal

06/02/14 04:22PM

Hi everyone!

I decided to take some time to talk about something we decided to do. Some of you might have notice that there is now advertisement in the footer(bottom) of the site. Yeah, sorry about that, that’s not something we really like to have but, since we’re not paid to work on Muses of Metal, we have to pay everything ourselves. (from the website hosting to concert ticket and travel) But, even if we love our jobs, well, we also need money to pay for our food and bills, therefore, we decided to make Muses of Metal pay itself, and that mean advertisement. (We hope to at least pay the host with it)

Of course, we know that ads can be a real pain, so we will do everything to keep it as discreet as possible. And it really help us, so we would really appreciate if you could not use any adblocks when you browse on our website. But, be certain that if you can’t stand ads and use any kind of adblocks extension, we’re cool with it.

So yeah, there’s now ads on Muses of Metal, but we’ll do our best to always make sure they don’t ruin your visit here. And hopefully, the money that we will save thanks to that will allow us to improve our services.

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