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Eve's Apple ~ A Tribute ~

12/02/14 02:14PM

Hi everyone!

I decided to make an article a bit special today, today, I will talk about the Eve’s Apple Community. Some might find that strange, since the community is no more, I wanted to write that long before they disband but I never had the time to do it. Therefore, I was a bit sad that I never had the opportunity to do it, to never have talk about how awesome it was, you know that feeling that you have when someone die and you didn’t tell them something and now it’s too late. Well, fortunately for me, they have only disbanded and are still alive, so I decided to write it but, not as presentation to invite you to get to know them, but to show you what amazing work they did. I want to show to everyone that just because the Eve’s Apple are no more, it’s not the end, and that their legacy is here along with everything they did, the bonds and friendship created will live forever.
One other reason I never found the time to write this was I never knew how to present it, I don’t really know why. Usually, I just start writing and it comes along - like now - but, at the time, I felt like I wouldn’t be able to show how amazing this community was, funny that they had to end for me to be able to write about them.

I already talked a bit about what was the Eve’s Apple in previous article, but since this article is completely about them, let’s do it again!

“Eve's Apple is a worldwide community of professional female singers, designed to be a platform that informs about women's work in the world of music, supports new female fronted bands, and offers advice for navigating the music business world.”

This is what you can read on their facebook page and that what they were, but not only. Some may find it weird why I insist on how great this project was, but think of it; think of how is the female fronted bands community and I will use an example that most will understand. I’m talking about Nightwish, everyone has their favourite singer for Nightwish, and for an unknown reason there was (and for some still is) a war on who is the better singer. Fans were not having fun talking about how good their favourite band was, no, they were putting singers off against each other. And Eve’s Apple decided to be the complete opposite, they created link between the singer, showing them as sister, together doing what they love: sing. And the first time I saw that, I was amazed, in our world where everything is reason to competition, they choose to reach out and help each other. Eve’s Apple was a safe place for singer to be with their peers, to learn from each other, enjoy their passion and have fun together. You may think it’s not much, but I consider that really fantastic.

That’s what they were, but what did they do? Lets see, created a community for singer? Check. Create a platform to share their news? Check. Support female fronted band? Check. Offers advice? I’m pretty sure I can check that too.
But they did even more than that. The Eve’s Apple was a worldwide community on the internet, so you could think it’s stop at skype, irc (whatever you use to talk with people on your computer) and sharing kitten pictures. (Seriously, we all know that internet is for po… sharing kitten pictures) But if you ever was part of a community, you know that after sometimes, when you created a bond with the others, you wanna met them (what’s called IRL, for In Real Life), so what do you decide to do when you are a bunch of singer and want to met? You go sing together! (Well you can also go bowling) And thanks to that, we were able to have festival and concert with amazing duo, trio and even sometimes nearly 30 singers on the same stage singing together.
And that’s not all, some even decided to work in bands together, or sometimes just as guest on each other album. Most of the time, as ‘fan’ we only see this as a guest artist with our favourite band, but it’s more than that. It’s not simply a singer with the right voice chose by the band (no need for a guest star for that, you just use a choir), and it’s a collaboration between people, working together to create something that they couldn’t do by themselves and also share an amazing moment together.

I had the chance to met a few of the apples and, of course, each one of them is an awesome singer, but more than that, they are amazing person. Thanks to Muses of Metal, I’m was able to meet them and more than that, have contact with them from time to time to talk about what they do. Doesn’t seem like much, but knowing these ladies is something really wonderful, their energy, their imagination and their talent makes me want to be better myself, to always improve my work to one day, maybe, reach their level. (a Panda can hope)
Therefore if they are sisters, I think myself as some kind of cousin, supporting them and loving their work.

Eve’s Apple was more than a community, Eve’s Apple is a family and you can’t disband a family. They will always be there for each other, and we will be there to enjoy the “family meeting”.

~ David “Darth” Rebergue a.k.a Panda

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