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Interview with Karolina Pacan @ Hotel de la Musique - 29/09/13

19/02/14 02:14PM

A few month ago (sorry for the delay), our Panda had the chance to interview Skeptical Minds' singer, Karolina Pacan during one of their show in France.


Hello Karolina, it’s wonderful to meet you again! Thank you very much for agreeing to the interview, it is a great pleasure to be with you on such a special day. First things first, before we start: happy birthday!

Ready for another year?
Oh yeah, of course, I’m waiting for new concerts! And for a new music coming this up.

How was the listening party? It must have been a hell of a night.
It was actually very good, we were quite surprised by how many people came there. We choose Greece because when we played there last year we had such a great ambience and return from the people, so we wanted to give something in return and also show our support for the Greeks because it’s not easy there now. It’s kind of an appreciation from our side.

So, there’s only one month left before the release of Skeptical Mind’s new EP...
Yes, it’s in two week. The official release is at Metal Female Voices Fest.

Oh, yeah, very much.

What is your favourite song from the EP?
Oh, it’s difficult to choose a favourite, because they are all very special, hmmm, but if I had to pick one I’d pick Living In A Movie because sometimes in the real life. We create a second reality, and we imagine things.
Sometimes there are many conventions where people are dressed like elves or knights. It’s like Living In A Movie, living in our imagination we all have a second world. That song is about second reality.

I see female fronted bands where the singer just sings, but you really move on stage and that’s awesome.
I think it depends on the personality, depends on the music. Different musicians enjoy it in different ways. I like to express a lot in an energetic way, and it work so I’m happy to do that.

Is it possible to be on tour and not eat junk food?
Junk food? Oh we try to avoid junk food as much as possible.

What’s your favourite cake?
Ooooh, cake. I like vanilla muffin, if they have cream inside then it’s perfect. Cheesecake is nice.

Talking about you, I’ve read a interview dating from a bit after you joined Skeptical Minds, where I learned that you were known as “Karolina Vel Death”, when did you change to your real name and why?
I think sometimes either changes at the time, or we are all asserting our way. It just stands for something new. That’s it. I prefer people call me by my name, it’s shorter. What they write they write, but you know you can just call me Karolina.( or Karonidas hahah )

At that time, you said you were taking your inspiration from vampires story like Vlad Tepes, aka Dracula or Elisabeth Bathory and the middle age era. Can I hope it’s still your main source of idea?
Of course, nothing has changed there. All these persons still inspire me, they have had rich personality and a very big history.But it's not only them, the list is long of the inspirational people who matter to me :)

I heard that your father is a musician and played a big part in you starting music. Did he inspired you? And what was it like growing up when your father was in a heavy metal band?
Of course, he’s still playing on the guitar at home, and watching what I’m doing on internet. He’s very supportive and my mother too.

You are part of the Eve’s Apple, how do you find that and what are your favourite things about being part of Eve’s Apple?
It’s actually quite an interesting question, because normally in the music world you can hear a lot like singers are jealous or ‘hey, she’s wrong, she’s false etc’ but in the Eve’s Apple we are united, every girl, and we are supportive. If you could see from the Eve’s side you would really understand the point of the community, it’s not like we are watching what everybody is doing but, we are sharing our experiences and we are learning from each other.

Which Apple sister is your favourite?
Ahhh, there is no favourite! Really there’s no favourite.

Then with which ones do you talk the most?
I think it’s the Greeks, the Greek ones. The most? Hmmm, Maxi Nil [ex-Visions Of Atlantis, Jaded Star], Sanna Salou [Dimlight], Angel Wolf-Black [ex-Bare Infinity, Broken Tempo, solo], Iliana Tsakiraki [ex Meden Agan, Enemy of Reality] but I can not say which ones are my favourites because they are all very nice girls.

Within the Eve’s Apple community is ex-Skeptical Minds singer Kristell Lowagie, have you spoken about the band and your experiences at all?
No, we never had a conversation about it. We are together in Eve’s Apple, but no we have never spoken about Skeptical Minds.

If you had something to say to new singers what would it be?
Never stop dreaming, keep working on your dreams, your voice. Just keep the faith in what you do, never stop because you never know what is waiting behind the doors, if you stop before, you are losing everything. So keep on going, keep on going and don’t stop.

A last words for Muses Of Metal readers?

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