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Amberian Dawn 'Circus Black'

22/03/14 02:14PM

Amberian Dawn are a symphonic power metal band from Finland formed in 2006 by Tuomas Seppälä and Tommi Kuri. Circus Black is the band’s fourth and final album with vocalist Heidi Parviainen, who announced her departure late 2012 and soon after her solo project Dark Sarah. Heidi’s replacement was later announced as Capri Virkkunen.


  • Heidi Parviainen - vocals    
  • Tuomas Seppälä - keyboards, guitar, producer, engineer    
  • Kasperi Heikkinen - guitar    
  • Kimmo Korhonen - guitar    
  • Jukka Koskinen - bass    
  • Heikki Saari - drums and percussion


  1. Circus Black
  2. Cold Kiss (ft. Timo Kotipelto)
  3. Crimson Flower
  4. Charnel’s Ball
  5. Fight
  6. Letter
  7. I Share With You This Dream (ft. Nils Nordling and Tuomas Nieminen)
  8. Rivalry Between Good And Evil
  9. Guardian
  10. Lily Of The Moon

Circus Black is Amberian Dawn’s follow up to 2010’s End Of Eden. The album is dark, dramatic and truly like a carnival, where one is trapped on some warped merry-go-round. We see the band use a choir for the first time as well as entertaining some interesting guest appearances such as that of Stratovarius vocalist Timo Kotipelto, who provides the delicious lead vocals on the album’s lead single Cold Kiss. Vocally and musically the band has made all the right choices on this album, still remaining true to their roots, and not afraid to experiment with different elements. All the solos are magical as ever, bursting with life and driving along songs in between the rings of Heidi’s lyrical singing.

Cold Kiss is a powerhouse of a single from the band, with a beautiful romance between the voices of both vocalists, Kotipelto’s voice fits Amberian Dawn perfectly and compliments Heidi’s every note. Whereas, I Share With You This Dream both male vocalists don’t quite match up to Kotipelto, but they still help make the song truly beautiful.  I Share With You This Dream is truly a power ballad, and is followed on by the great instrumental piece Rivalry Between Good And Evil which takes the band on a different level and showing the music raw and full of emotion, character and energy.

Charnel’s Ball brings out a theatrical side to the album, heavily dramatised and sounding vaguely like something one might expect to hear in a musical. Fight takes half a step back into being part of a metal album and half into being in the same vein as previous track. If there’s one thing this album has made me discover is that Amberian Dawn could probably make a good rock opera.

Overall, this album is a step up from End Of Eden but still doesn’t quite grab me in the same way that the last album did. A solid effort, and a superbly nice album altogether. I’m hopeful for what new direction the band decides on with their new vocalist.

Highlights: Cold Kiss, Charnel’s Ball


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Author: Tayla Dickinson

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