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Embracing Soul

05/03/14 02:14PM

Embracing Soul

This month, we’re going to Canada with our featured band! Why? Well, because why not? Who don’t like Canada with its unbelievably nice and polite inhabitants. And this time, we go to Ontario, since I’m awful at geography, you’ll have to ask our Canadian expert (aka Tayla) for location because I would have difficulty finding my own place on a map. So, this month we chose the trio of Chelsea Pisano, Brandon Iajecznyk and Thomas Collier that form the band that is Embracing Soul.

So, who are they? Well, the band was formed in 2009 as a duo with Chelsea and Brandon, this two spent a year writing and recording their firsts songs. Soon after, Thomas joined them and Embracing Soul was ready to go on stage. Early 2010 saw the release of their debut LP Shadow and only two years later, they released their first EP Luna under Illusive Records accompanied with a music video of the song Luna. As for now, they are working on new covers and material just for the pleasure of your ears.

I discovered them on youtube where I saw Chelsea doing bass cover of Korn who then led me to see the bands cover and then their original song. (Quite a story, uh?) Therefore, I strongly encourage you to go on their channel watch and listen to them, you’re sure to have a good time!

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