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Recent Interviews

10/03/14 09:04PM

Hey everyone!

My computer had some problem so it took me way more time than what we wanted to release you all that stuff.
There, here's a few interview we did "recently" and not so recently. 

We start with two interview done during the Kraken festival. (and we still got one in reserve, but I have to redo the complete translation, since the file was lost with my hard drive failure)

The Panda & Incarnadine Coven

The Panda & Apparition


And we continue with 2 interview made by Tayla during the Valentine Special show she made with David Homer (Apparition) and Grace Méridan (Apparition, Shield of Wings)

Tayla & Annamaria Cozza

Tayla & Dianne Van Giersbergen


And we finish by our latest interview, made by Tayla and David with, Delain lovely frontwoman, Charlotte Wessels.

Tayla & David having a little chat with Charlotte Wessels

So here you go people, lots of interview for you to enjoy. And we already have a few other interview waiting to be released. So don't forget to come back.

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