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theNAME 'Unchained'

08/07/14 03:26PM

theNAME was formed in 2000 by the band's guitarist and songwriter Silas. Having just completed a European tour through Germany, Sweden, Italy, Switzerland and The Netherland's with Tarja Turunen and having recently signed to V2 Records, The Netherland's based band are back with their fourth album Unchained.

Line up:

  • Hadassa - Vocals
  • Silas - Guitars, backing vocals
  • Rens - Guitars
  • Tim - Bass
  • Jasper - Drums


  1. Draw The Line
  2. Radiate
  3. Masquerade
  4. Imperfect
  5. Twisted
  6. Image
  7. Missed
  8. One
  9. Restricted
  10. Fight
  11. Cruel Thoughts
  12. Into My Dream

Unchained opens with a bang that is Draw The Line, a hard rocky number with nu-metal influences and strong rocky vocals flowing over the top. theNAME's style brings back memories of reviewing Laid8's debut, with both bands capturing a similar style musically and vocally. Radiate follows on with crunching riffs and a marching beat over the refrain before ploughing back into the chorus. Hadassa's vocals are a little low in the mix here and it is apparent that her voice is often close to being lost in a battle against the music. A softer side is shown to Hadassa's voice in Cruel Thoughts, with some nice vocalising in both the intro and outro giving a beautiful contrast with the usual melodic edginess of her voice.

Missed sees the entrance of prominent male vocals. In contrast with Hadassa's edgy vocals, the male vocals are below par with a weak, almost forced gruffness. Another time when we hear the presence of male vocals is towards the close of the album. Into My Dream and Fight sees the use of male grunts, similar to those of Epica's Mark Jansen during The Phantom Agony-era. You're thinking that's a good thing? I believe the contrary. The grunts feel forced, sloppy and a bit all over the place. With some training they have the potential to be good.

Overall, while lacking in direction Unchained is still a pretty standard album from a great band who clearly have the drive and determination to go places. While their style doesn't scream originality, the band have certainly captured it and stamped their mark firmly in place. Could still use some further development

Highlights: Draw The Line, Radiate


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Author: Tayla Dickinson

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