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November-7 with Apparition @ The Rigger, Newcastle-under-Lyme - August 14th, 2014

24/08/14 03:51PM

Openers Apparition are back on their second date since Dames Of Darkness 4 in May, with the addition of new guitarist Amy Lewis, formerly of Celestial Wish and the return of former vocalist Fiona Creaby to the line-up. From the off the new formation gels together fantastically, presenting a huge on-stage chemistry like never seen before. One notes that the band’s sound is much heavier as the band flow through well-known numbers such as The World Of Our Creation, Beyond The Wrath Of Ra and Betrayed. Fiona’s vocals are clear and dripping with emotion as she pulls off songs both old and new to her almost effortlessly. Her vocals on Frozen Roses rival those previously heard when the band performed with guest vocalist Elina Laivera, and even top those of my favourite live version of Elysium – performed by Laura ‘Sakara’ Marshall. While Fiona struggles with some of the higher notes on Betrayed she pulls it back with her fantastic vocalising towards the end of the band’s set on The Dream Where I Cannot Go. Her raw, emotional finish where she flew solo over the backing was a beautiful way to end. Definitely the best live performance I have seen from the band. (9/10)

Fiona Creaby (Apparition)

Photo: Martin Kessel

Sooner after, Swiss headliners November-7 came on in a spectacle of lights, going straight into the crunchy, driving tones of Acid Life which truly got the ground trembling creating a dark energy that filled the room. Their whole performance was very ballsy and the band really took on their own brand of ‘energizing metal therapy’, with vocalist Annamaria Cozza captivating the audience using her incredible never-ending energy. It was wonderful to watch as she jumped and bounced around, head banging along to the music. Her energy continued to astound me as she alternated between delivering lengthy, powerful notes and jumping up on the drum kit and head banging wildly.

It was great to hear how much the band has progressed since their first album Season 3, as they powered through some of their first songs: In My Mind, Her Name and Angel. Annamaria’s vocals continued to wow me, as she fearlessly and flawlessly hit every low and even the occasional highs. Her emotive delivery of Alive? sent chills down my spine and when a few songs later the band plunged into another of my favourites – Tug Of War – the room shook under the thundering drums. Nine songs into their set the band did not seem to be slowing down. Another highlight of the band’s set was when they played their first single Parasite and followed it up with their latest single Another Day. The melodic elements helped balance out the atmosphere bringing something light amongst the stomping bass lines. November-7’s addition of lab coats for the performance of Another Day and the cry of “free drugs!” brought a few laughs as Annamaria tossed boxes of ‘Awaraxid 7mg’ (from the band’s album of the same title – hey it’s energizing metal therapy after all!!) into the crowd.                

Bringing their set to its final hurdle came another stompy number Black Veil, followed by the band’s cover of T-Rex’s Children Of The Revolution. Their cover was enjoyable, and was close enough to the original to be homage but different enough that they added their own flavour to it. The band brought their set to a close to a strong close with Pieces Of Me. I found myself amazed time and time again by just how good the live mixing was throughout, and in between the bands all-out performance and their crazy light shows and smoke shooters: I’m not sure if I’m amazed or dazzled -either way I was left exhausted, breathless and wanting more. (10/10)

Annamaria Cozza (November-7)

Photo: Martin Kessel

Author: Tayla Dickinson

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