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Delain 'Lunar Prelude' [EP]

18/02/16 04:28PM

Delain were formed in 2002 by Martijn Westerholt, after his departure from Within Temptation due to illness. He released one demo before later recruiting singer Charlotte Wessels to the band. Their debut album Lucidity featured many guest musicians and quickly gained popularity in the symphonic metal world. Three more albums followed, with the latest being The Human Contradiction, released in 2014. Now the band are back with a new EP.


  • Charlotte Wessels – Lead vocals
  • Martijn Westerholt – Keyboards
  • Otto van der Oije – Bass guitar, backing vocals, harsh vocals
  • Timo Somers – Guitar, backing vocals
  • Ruben Israel – Drums
  • Merel Bechtold – Guitar


  1. Suckerpunch
  2. Turn The Lights Out
  3. Don’t Let Go (New Version)
  4. Lullaby (Live)
  5. Stardust (Live)
  6. Here Come The Vultures (Live)
  7. Army of Dolls (Live)
  8. Suckerpunch (Orchestra)

Lunar Prelude is very much a spiritual successor to the band’s Interlude EP – a stopgap between albums, containing a few new songs alongside other material. Though the latter also included several cover songs and a bonus DVD of live footage, which this record lacks.

Costing around £7.99, the only truly new material here is the first two songs. Lead single Suckerpunch was released as a music video already – it’s a fun track, with a singalong chorus and more of an orchestral presence than the band has had in recent years, as well as some electronic elements. Turn The Lights Out is a slower song, impressive and darkly atmospheric, starting prettily but becoming increasingly heavy. It wouldn’t be out of place on a full Delain record. Don’t Let Go was previously available as a bonus track and has been reworked. It sounds better and Charlotte’s vocals are improved, but there’s not a drastic difference.

The rest of the simply consists of four live tracks from The Human Contradiction, which are enjoyable but don’t add much. The orchestral track from Suckerpunch is an interesting addition, though it is not the full song, but merely a 2.35 minute section.

Overall, this EP seems as though it would have been better off as either a single or a bonus CD. Hardcore Delain fans will likely want to own this regardless – and certainly the artwork is beautiful, so it would be a nice addition to a collection. For those who are unsure, you might want to save your money for the next full album.

Highlights: Turn The Lights Out, Suckerpunch


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Author: Sophie Shire

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