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Rhenium 'Rise Above The Sea'

30/03/16 12:25PM

Rhenium is a one-woman symphonic gothic metal project from Milton Keynes, UK. The project formed in 2014, is led by Italian multi-instrumentalist Cristina Pucci.

Line up:

  • Cristina Pucci – Vocals, all instruments


  1. Drowning (Intro)
  2. Nobody Can Hear Me
  3. More Than Words Could Say
  4. Watching Over Me
  5. Once Again
  6. Rise Above The Sea

Rise Above The Sea is a smashing debut release that incorporates elements of symphonic, gothic and doom metal to create a climatic EP that tickles all my ‘tastebuds’. Opening track Nobody Can Hear Me is a beautiful down tempo piece which draws one in right away with its charming melodies and strong, clear vocals.

More Than Words Could Say continues in a similar vein to the previous track. The chorus of strings, keys and guitars builds a haunting atmosphere which is topped by the emotive lyricism and power of Pucci’s vocals. Pucci’s vocals are showcased in the beautiful piano led ballad Watching Over Me – for many female vocal led projects the ballad is make or break for the album, and Pucci nails it.

With a rich tapestry of gothic, doom and symphonic elements Rhenium creates a beautifully complex and layered approach for her first release that could rival some of the bigger names in the genre. Rise Above The Sea is a beautiful EP and sets the stakes high for Rhenium’s next release, which we hope will come very soon!




Author: Tayla Dickinson

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