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Synlakross 'Dark Seed' [Single]

21/09/18 10:17AM

Synlakross are a melodic death metal band from Valencia, Spain. The band formed in 2008, released their self titled demo in 2011, and later in 2013 their debut album Melodichrome. In 2015 Synlakross went on to win the Granito Rock Festival contest. The band now ramps things up for the release of their third album Malice Murder which was released this September. 

Line up:

  • Patricia Pons - Vocals
  • "Roronoa" Pablo Fuentes - Bass 
  • Iván Muñoz - Guitars 
  • Aarón Hidalgo - Guitars
  • Tiko Marínez- Drums 

Combining spoken parts, strong clean vocals with brutal growls that blow most male death metal vocalists out of the water, Patricia Pons shows ferocity and feminimity at its finest. Dark Seed is just one example of the immense sound and energy that Synlakross bring to the metal scene, with agressive pounding riffs that get stuck in my head for hours.

Synlakross bring a storm with Dark Seed and if the single is anything to go by, then the album must be a treat. This band is definitely one to watch! 



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Author: Tayla Dickinson

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