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Metal Female Voices Fest is Coming!

25/08/13 04:00PM

Hey everyone!

See the date? Yes, we’re nearly in autumn and you know what that mean?
It means that it nearly time to see one of the biggest festival you could hope to see, I’m talking about the “Metal Female Voices Fest”!

Even if its name kinda giveaway its purpose, I’ll still explain what it is for the one that don’t know.
The Metal Female Voices Fest is a festival (I’m sure you didn’t guess that) where there’s exclusively female fronted band. Isn’t that awesome? It has been created in 2003, by the Metal Organisation (You can all thank them) and it’s held annually in Belgium.
But hey… 2003 was 10years ago! So yeah, they're celebrating their 10 year anniversary, I can assure you, that’s not something you want to miss.

Oh and that’s not a simple festival where bands play, nope! They also organised, two times, special awards for the bands voted by the public in a few categories, like “Best & Beautiful voice”, “Best Newcomer” and some others. And when than bands is present at the festival, they’re given on stage. (The Oscar, but with more beer and good music, sounds like a dream)

So, still not convinced to buy your tickets?
What about giving you the wonderful line-up for this year? Sounds good? So here we go!

18th October 2013

  • Liv Kristine
  • Eve’s Apple (Even our friend from America Vk Lynne and Mary Zimmer will be there)

19th October 2013

  • Lacuna Coil
  • Delain with special guest appearance of Sharon Den Adel
  • Leaves’ Eyes
  • Kontrust
  • Vision of Atlantis
  • Kobra & the Lotus
  • Chaostar
  • Serenity
  • Imperia
  • Victorians
  • Magion
  • Azylya

20th October 2013

  • Tarja
  • Revamp
  • Anneke Van Giersbergen
  • Crimfall
  • Dalriada
  • Stream of Passion
  • Hell City
  • Cadaveria
  • L’Endevi
  • Eleanor

See all these band? How could you refuse that?
That’s right, you can’t!

Oh, and icing on the cake, we will be there!
Yep, at least Tayla, David and Sophie will be present to get you interview and lots of stuff. (Yes, David will be there in its panda costume)
So if you’re at the festival, come have fun with us.

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Metal Female Voices Fest is Coming

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