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Tristania @ Camden, London - October 8th 2010

28/03/13 03:52AM

Upon arrival in Camden, London we quickly made our way to The Underworld, once in we managed to catch the finally few minutes of UnSun's warm up. They exited the stage to get ready for their set and within ten minutes they were back on.

With their second album Clinic For Dolls only just hot off the press mill it seems just right. The crowd seemed to be enjoying the show, some singing along and others banging their heads. Aya's voice struggled to be heard over the roaring guitars for some of the set, which was a pity. Aya's voice really had a strong, vibrant stride on songs I Ceased and Home and on others the band played amazing although Aya was drowned out on such songs as Not Enough and Time. The set was quite good and put a strong footer for a brilliant night. UnSun closed up with the catchy and well known Whispers and went off with cheers. (6/10)

Next up were special guests Asrai who opened to a huge expentant audience with Your Hands, So Cold. The band have a somewhat unique sound in that they take the cliqué and shape it into something with more charisma and a better flavour. Through the set Magriet's distinctive voice vibrated out through the crowd and the whole band had us with our arms up. Pale Light, In Front Of Me and Stay see the band firmly plant their feet and show us why they belong on the metal scene.

In the second half of Asrai's set the energy grows and grows as they plunge into such songs as Awaken, Restless, Hollow, Sour Ground and then finish off with Shadows. I was left mesmerized and wanted to see and hear more. (8/10)

Soon after Tristania came on stage and opened up with Year Of The Rat from their new, long awaited for album Rubicon. Mariangela and Kjetl run to center stage and burst into song. The whole crowd - which had almost trebled in size by now - goes crazy. The band quickly introduce themselves and on walks Pete Johansson who is currently touring with the band. The Passing  sees the band come together and show their incredible strength. It obvious that the new line-up is working in great favour for the band. Pete keeps the crowd holding on to every note he plays and Mariangela, Ole, Gyri, Tarald, Kjetl and Anders all rock their hearts outs out like natural.

Now Tristania play a classic Beyond The Veil but it's not how you and I remember it. Mariangela opens up with the first verse and then Anders takes the song away. Mari seems to disappear from the stage for most of the song, come back towards the end to headbang with Kjetl. The 'new' version of Beyond The Veil is very different. There are alot more violin parts and growls, I personally prefer Ander's growls over any previous harsh vocalist the band has had. Kjetl puts a new twist on the song with his voice, and although the new edition of "Beyond The Veil" isn't as doomy, frail and gothic it still captivates me. I miss the rest of the female vocals in the song but it has a great edge.

Reverting back to the new songs Tristania strike out with Amnesia, followed by Sirens which is probably my least favourite track from the latest release. I actually found myself liking Sirens a little bit. Next up from the Ashes album was The Wretchd which as we know is a favourite amongst many of the band members. Tender Trip On Earth was next up, Kjetl and Anders were debating whether or not it was a classic. I assure you, from the excellent reaction to the song: it is a classic!

Another song from Ashes, Shadowman was up next. The 'new' version was amazing! The band exited the stage to cries for more and stomping from the audience. A few moments later the band flooded back for the encore. Mariangela announced the next song, her favourite from the new album - Protection. This was followed by the powerful, hardhitting Down which Mari captivated and made her own, pumping the crowd to go wild. After this the band exited the stage for what seemed the end of the show. Everyone stood screaming and shouting for more. Ten minutes later they flooded to the stage again and burst into another song - Magical Fix. (9/10)

The show was fantastic and I for one thoroughly enjoyed the show. The guys were really sweet to me after the show and I had a lovely chat with both Anders and Mariangela.

Author: Tayla Dickinson

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