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VK Lynne

10/09/13 09:16PM

Hey everyone! 
For our first edition of the Artist of the Month, we chose someone that we love and who recently did lots for us. I’m talking about VK Lynne, the pinkest singer of all time.

For those that still don’t know who this amazing rock chick is (shame on you), here’s a little presentation, panda style.
Vk is a singer, writer/director of an award winning webseries (Trading on 15, google it), host of a podcast (The List, Google that too), founding member of the wonderful Eve’s Apple, and apparently, now, she’s into social management too. (I’m scared that she could make something while I’m writing this article that would force me to add other stuff to her CV.)
I imagine that you’re more interested in her singer side and maybe also the Eve’s Apple part, after all, we’re a webzine about music… so that would be logical. (But that doesn't mean you don’t have to search the rest by yourself while you’re done reading my amazing article) So let’s concentrate on that… for the moment. (Yeah, that’s my article, if I want to make 3 paragraphs about the pink/purple/mauve gradient of her hair, I’ll do it. And I can assure you I’m tempted).


Singer, yes, but for who?
Well, for her is already a good start. She’s got an amazing solo career, yup, she only needs her voice, her guitar and her smile to rock your world. While listening to her songs, you just need to close your eyes and you can see yourself in an old bar, the delightful smell of cigars and whisky in the air (even if you don’t like the taste, you must appreciate the scent) your drink in your hand, a lovely ambiance and Vk on a little stage with her guitar playing and singing… If after listening to that, you don’t want to just go to a pub with some friends and throw your money at the artist playing, I don’t know what could. Isn’t that lovely?

But hey, that lady don’t have enough with just that, no way… She’s also the lead singer of the gothicosymphonic (I don’t think that’s a real word, but here, it is) metal band, Vita Nova. If you don’t know this band (Come on… People!!), well, there’s really interesting stuff to know. Like the fact that while Vk lives in the US, Federico Salerno, the other founding member lives in Italy… So how the hell could they work together? Take a plane? That’s so last decade… No, we’re in the digital age people, think with portals! Vk and Frederico decided to work online, and thanks to that, people like Kerstin Bischof, Maxi Nil, Gogo Melone, Grace Meridan and much more were able to participate in that project. Not even an ocean can stop her! Isn’t that awesome? 



But hey, that’s not enough for you, right? Well here’s more! You know Mary Zimmer? (Seriously… I spammed the MoM page with her and VK’s funding campaign…) well together they created Glittermortis, but this band does not come alone, nope, with it comes Tracking The Trade, a webseries in the form of a vlog, talking about Glittermortis, or more about the musical creation process. Because yeah, this duo didn’t only create a band to satisfy their desire to play together, they also wanted to share their knowledge with everyone. Helping the new generation of musicians… Isn’t that beautiful? 



Still not satisfied? Ok. The Spider Accomplice, ring a bell? (If you just answered no, I’ll find you…) Well, you should. Because it’s another amazing project of the pink lady! Why? Let me explain a bit: you know when you like someone and you both work in the same world, you often say “Hey, let’s work together sometimes!” Well, that’s it! A bit confused? Ok. They work on “projects”, like Vk will want to make a song, she will write lyrics, but she will need someone to sing, and someone for the guitar, or maybe a violin… Well she will post the project and search for people to fill the position, and people will even be able to propose themselves. Once every post is filled, then let’s go. Thanks to Vita Nova, she proved that you could make music with people living all over the world, so why not work with everyone who’s willing to help? And good news, the song that results from the project will be free to download! Isn’t that fantastic?


Eve's Apple Logo

The pinkest apple is definitely someone that doesn’t lack energy… but, yeah, she’s the Pink apple! You’re asking what’s an apple? Well, of course I’m not talking about the fruit, or that company who loves money and turtlenecks. So what am I rambling about?
I’m talking about the Eve’s Apple community! Yup, a community, like the nine guys who walk across the world to destroy a ring in a volcano. (Because flying on the great eagles is too mainstream when you’re hobbit…) But a community of what? A community of female singers! But why? (You have much to learn, young padawan) This worldwide community is a place for singers to help/support each other and promote/inform the world about their work. And if you payed attention to what I said before (I keep an eye on you), you should remember that Vk Lynne was a founding member!




So yeah… now you know about Vk Lynne, well, at least a bit (And I’m sure you’ll research the rest, right?). But you might want to know her plan for the future and what she doing right now. Well, right now, it depends on when you’re reading this, but as I write, I can see that she’s on Facebook. (Well, that was five minutes ago. Ah… what would we do if we couldn’t spy on each other?) 
But a few weeks ago she was at the Dame Nation festival in the US with some of the Eve’s Apples, but more importantly (for me, and every fan living in Europe) she will be at Metal Female Voices Fest in Belgium in October! And I’m fangirling hard right now. (For the ones thinking that it's sexist to say fangirling and not fanboying while I’m a man, it’s because the two words have different meanings. Don’t ask me why, it’s one of the internet’s mysteries. The difference being that fangirling is more physical, you know, jumping everywhere, screaming, like adolescent girl when they see Alexander Skarsgård)

To finish this “little” article (yep, every good thing must come to an end), I would say that Vk is a wonderful and lovely lady. I feel really lucky to know her, even if it’s only a little. She has lots of energy, an amazing imagination and limitless talent. I hope to be able to meet her in person (and interview her) during the MFVF. 

Oh, and I almost forgot something… because I’m the panda, and without that, people would forget that I’m completely crazy. There’s a fictional character that I love and which nearly always remind me of her. I’m talking of PINKIE PIE! (Pony style, baby!)

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it. I know that my writing style is not one you would expect, but hey, I’m the Panda! (And next month, it’s our lovely Tayla that will write this column. Hope you’ll like it)
I’m really happy that our first Artist of the Month was the one I proposed, because she rocks! (And really deserves it.)

PS: If you found all the references I made, you’re awesome. I’ll hug you when I’ll see you.

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