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The Kraken Festival

14/09/13 10:46PM

Hey everyone, welcome back!
So, are you wondering what I’m gonna talk about today? (Well, if you followed a link or just read the title, you must have an idea.)

Yep, my subject today is to present you the Kraken festival, tell you how awesome it is and kinda make you want to go. But come on, I’m sure the simple fact of me, taking time to talk about it must have already convinced you to pack your bag. (See me as your own Gandalf, but with a bit less beard and more ale) Oh, and of course, I will be there. (maybe even in the Panda costume, we’ll see that part later)

So, what’s the Kraken festival you might find yourself asking, and why should I care?
Well, since you’re reading this I can assume that you like female fronted bands, metal or at least music, if you say no, well, that would disturb me a bit. (You could be a really open minded person who stumbled across my article and wanted to give it a try, if that’s a case, thanks, hope you’ll enjoy it.)
So yeah, if you like at least one of these three, you should be interested, because the Kraken festival is a Belgian music festival with metal bands, and even 7 bands of the 10 are female fronted. (If you’re good in math, you found out that 70% of the band are female fronted, which is quite good for a fest.)
And now I can hear you think “But why should I go?”, well, normally you should want to go since I said “Hey everyone”, but, if you need more, then here come some amazing reasons!

First, SEVEN female fronted bands! And not bad bands, GOOD ones. Which ones? These one:
Allience, a Belgian band from Mons’ area.
Apparition, our British friends are coming to Belgium show us that they know how to party. (And with them should come The Boss, a.k.a. Tayla, so if you come, you’ll meet the foundress of Muses of Metal!)
Azylya - if you follow us - you are more than likely to already know everything about them, but for a little recap: formed by the lovely Jamie-Lee, they released their debut album this year and already have lots of gigs behind them. (Oh, and they will be playing at the MFVF a few weeks before.)
Diary of Destruction, and I’m really happy about this one because they’re from the same area as me. If you don’t know them, you should really go check them out - you won’t regret it.
Hypothesis, another British band who will cross the sea to rock with us.
Soul Collector, yup, another Belgian band
And last but not least… Whyzdom! Damn right, it’s Dames of Darkness round two. (But better… with Belgian beer)

Secondly, it’s the very first edition of this festival but with people that know how to handle a festival. That means you’ll see the birth of something awesome, help in it’s creation and give it a future. Isn’t that beautiful? 

See the bands that are coming for a first edition? Imagine the next one? You can be part of that, just by coming over, grabbing a drink and moving your buttocks to great music. (Because everybody must shake their butt when the Panda is in)

Thirdly, we will be there! As I said, I will go to that fest to drin… erm, do my job as a journalist and Tayla is coming from England to party with us. Would you really miss a chance to meet the staff of the best female fronted webzine? And I can assure you, we know how to have fun. So that come offer us drink, we love that. We might even have some incredible and exclusive stuff for the readers that will come say hi!

So, now that you’re completely convinced and are already putting your nice underwear in a bag to come, you might want to know when and where exactly it will be? I can help with that.
The Kraken Fest will be the 2nd of November, it’s a Saturday. As for the place, it’s the Cultural hall Victor Jara in Soignies, Belgium. 
But hey, you know what, since I’m a nice guy, I’m gonna Google maps that for you, no need to thank me. Here it is, just click the link : Google Maps

Oh, and here are some link that might interest you.

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