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The Eve's Apple @ MFVF

02/10/13 06:00PM

Hey everyone!

I’m making a special news just for you (and also because I want to) about the Eve’s Apple community and the Metal Female Voices Fest. Only a few weeks before the big show and I’m sure you don’t wanna miss that, so if you have doubt, stop right now and go buy your ticket. Our Panda will be there with lots of hugs for everyone.

So, for thus that still don’t know about Eve’s Apple (I stopped counting how many times I’ve talked about, so you should already know), they are a worldwide community of professional female singers. Why not explain more? Because I’m working on a special column only about them, so, yeah… I’m making sure you’ll come back read it with this wonderful cliffhanger.

But today, I’m here to talk about the fact that the Eve’s Apple will have their show, like last year at the MFVF. So, let’s go back in 2012 for one phantasmagoric night where, for the first time, Fifteen singers from all over the world went on stage to sing together for an amazing acoustic show. And when you think of it, that wasn’t a simple show, that was a historical event, how often can you see so many singer, living so far away from each other going on stage and giving one of the best performance ever.
Here’s a video of the show, be ready to be blown away!

This time… It will be Twenty-three singers that will come on stage to have fun together and share that magical instant with the public. And not for an acoustic show, no… this year, electricity is in the air! 
But let’s see which of this delicious ladies will honor us of their presence:

  • Angel Wolf-Black (solo, Broken Tempo, x-Bare Infinity) | Greece
  • Annamaria Cozza (November-7) | Italy
  • Aylin Giménez (Sirenia) | Norway
  • Clementine Delauney (Serenity) | France
  • Dianne Van Giersebergen (Ex Libris) | Netherlands
  • Grace Méridan (solo, Lifeaftergod) | USA
  • Heidi Parviainen (x-Amberian Dawn, Dark Sarah) | Finland
  • Iliana Tsakiraki (solo, x-Meden Agan) | Greece
  • Karolina Pacan (Skeptical Minds) | Greece
  • Kassandra Gruszkowki (Enemy Star, The Mill Dogs) | USA
  • Laura Vargas (Sacramento) | Chile
  • Lindsay Schoolcraft (solo, Cradle of Filth) | Canada
  • Lisa Middelhauve (solo, x-Xandria) | Germany
  • Marcela Bovio (Stream of Passion) | Mexico
  • Mariangela Demurtas (Tristania) | Italy
  • Marry Zimmer (Luna Mortis) | USA
  • Maxi Nil (Visions of Atlantis) | Greece
  • Melissa Ferlaak (x-Visions of Atlantis, Plague of Stars, My Eternal) | USA
  • Nel Dyonisis (Dyonisis) | UK
  • Sabrina Valentine (Seven Kingdoms) | USA
  • Sanna Salou (Dimlight) | Greece
  • VK Lynne (solo, Vita Nova, Spiders Accomplice, Glittermortis) | USA
  • Zuberoa Aznárez (Diabulus in Musica) | Spain

See that? Ladies from nearly everywhere in the worlds! (I said nearly)
All coming in Belgium, at the Metal Female voices Fest, for one and unique show. So… Will you be able to look at your grand grand child in a few decades, confess that you didn’t see this amazing show and watch them cry because you? WILL YOU? I don’t think so…
Therefore, I’m pretty sure I’ll see you at the festival, singing with these wonderful ladies and coming say hi to the MoM staff present. (And we promise to get as much interview as we can for you)

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