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Because your Voice counts too!

09/10/13 08:20PM

Hey everyone!
As you might already know, the Muses of Metal staff will be present at the Metal Female Voices Fest and the Kraken, two belgian metal festival with lots of band you love. But we will be there not only to enjoy the show, but also, interview the singers and bands present. And they are lots of people, so how choose which one to ask first?
Well, we decided that since you'll be the one reading our interview, you should be able to give your opinion on the subject. Therefore, we created polls with all the artist, and we'll try our best to get you what you want.

So, how do you vote?
It's really easy, there's two threads on the forum, one for the MFVF and one for the Kraken. Just go read them, and you'll find the polls, then you just have to vote, and if you want tell us why your choice might be better.

Whate are you waiting? Go vote!

Metal Female Voices Fest thread ! 

Kraken thread !

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