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The Panda Meet the Eve's Apple!

10/11/13 02:00PM

Hey everyone!
Yesterday we released the third and last part of our review of this year wonderful Metal Female Voices Fest, but that don’t mean we have no more stuff to share with you.
So here we go with a little something we try to experiment, during the festival, we made a few interview and ask the same question to the singer. Why? Because thanks to that, we were able to compile their answer into one video (Well, we made 2 video of 20min, to make it less frightening to watch). That’s a format we’d like to use during festival and big manifestation, so yeah, don’t hesitate to tell us if you like it or not.
But, because we’re full of surprises, we also ask each singer some more “personal” questions, and these ones are not in the compilation, so if you want to see everything, you’ll also have to watch each interview!
So today compilation is full with the Eve’s Apple interview, these amazing ladies, who made an awesome show, offered us some of their time and gave us really interesting answer. 
Go watch them!



Once again, thanks to everyone who participated in those interviews, Helcanen and the MFVF staff for their awesome works and Sophie Cleverly-Edwards and Ed Shire for their support and help!

PS: The individual interview will come shortly!

- The Panda


Author: David Rebergue

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