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21/12/13 12:00PM

Created in 2011, comes the French folk metal band TOLK. In the female fronted metal world where the scene is dominated by melodic, symphonic and gothic metal bands, there seems to be a distinct lack of folk metal bands and TOLK are something of a refreshment. The band is made up of the guitarist Régis, bassist Paul, drummer Alexandre, Emmanuelle on flute and American vocalist Anex.

The band recently released two songs to the world, the Fall Of Olyrade and The Death Of The Wolves, the later being an instrumental. Songs that we can hope to see on their very first studio album that should be released next year and which we are already waiting to get our hands on.

You can listen to the Fall Of Olyrade from the band’s demo on their youtube, it will be available soon for free download via the Wild Pagan & Folk Vol. II compilation, on La Guilde Folk/Pagan/Medieval’s facebook page.

Oh, and if you ever wanted to learn how to Jig, well they even made a video for that; so what are you waiting for? Go to their page, channel and enjoy their music.

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