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30/12/13 12:12PM

Hey everyone!

I’m back with a new band of the month. Yeah, you read that right, a brand new one just before the end of the year. (And it’s not because we are really late on our schedule… no we… wanted to make it a surprise, yes, that’s it!)

So, who did we chose to end the year? Well… I did had a hard time, because they were so many to choose from and each time that I said to myself “Oh yeah, this one” well a part of me was going “But why not this one?”. It’s freaking hard to choose… So I just wrote every name I could think of on paper, put those paper in a santa hat and put my hand in it. (Like that it would be Xmas magic who would choose)

And our Santa chose stOrk (they must have been really nice this year… or really naughty). So, who’s stOrk? Well, if you follow VK Lynne (and you have too, she’s everywhere), you must know a bit, but let’s give them a proper presentation!

stOrk was born in 2010 with as member ex-Korn guitarist Shane Gibson, Thomas Lang behind the drums (awarded the title of “Best Drummer” a lot of times, like 10 or 15 times…) and Eloy Palacios at the bass. But, there’s no singer or even female member you’re gonna tell me, so why am I talking about them… Patience, young padawan! At this point, they are an instrumental band classified as (be ready) avant-garde metal supergroup or Progressive/Groove metal. The first time I read that, I was like “What? O_O” (proof that you should never stop at the description of a band) Their first release was an eponym album out on January 11, 2011 via MUSO Entertainment and features exclusive artwork by Sam Shearon A.K.A. 'Mister-Sam'. (you should really go watch his work, he’s really good)

But let us go a bit farther in time, we are now in November 2013 and the “uber-trio” just announced that they are now a “fearsome foursome” with the pinkest singer I have the pleasure to know, you guessed it, it’s VK Lynne who joined the band as singer. And with that news come another one, the band started a Indiegogo campaign to fund their brand new album named “Broken Pieces” who should be released in 2014 and with as new bassist Kelly T. LeMieux.

So now you know them, well, at least a little. (I’m sure that if you feel like my presentation wasn’t enough you’ll have lots of fun searching from them… wait… is that my plan, letting some shadows to force you to go read and listen to them… maybe) And I’m pretty sure that you like them (who could resist Shane’s beard, and did you saw him eating a banana?) and you want to listen to their music, but the new album isn’t out yet… so you feel a bit sad, don’t worry, I’m here to make your day! Yes, there’s way to listen to what the new album will be like, just watch the video!

So, in love yet? What… I didn’t gave the link of the Indiegogo campaign? Oh, you’re right! Here it is people, just here, but be quick, only a few days left, to get some amazing perks and help them at the same time. So here you go!

Oh, and by the way, I hope that your winter celebration (Christmas, Yule, Hanukkah and every other that you can celebrate) were great, that you had fun and that New Year’s Eve will be even better. And every member of Muses of Metal wish you a freaking awesome year 2014!


A few links for you!
stOrk Facebook - Myspace - Twitter - Reverbnation - Indiegogo

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