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2014 And What To Come

29/01/14 02:14PM

Here we are in 2014, a brand new year full of possibilities, hopes and projects, well, at least for us! Want to know a bit about it? Sure, how about a little news just about what we planned to do this year, so far...

Where to start... Oh yeah!

Our new forum is finally done and ready for you to join the fun. What's different with the old one? Well, this one is host with our website, meaning we have complete control over it, so we're able to modify it the way we want to help us give you the best of the best - because you deserve it. ;) Also, it allow us to be sure, no one get access to your private data. However, just because it's ready doesn't mean we won't work on it anymore, indeed like our site, our team will always make sure it offers the best service possible and improve them. Don’t be afraid to even offer your ideas on improvements. =)

So go for it, join us for some fun!

What else?

Well, of course, we will try to get you as many reviews, interviews and news about your favourite bands. As you know, our team is still small (we're like a little family =D) and we're doing that in our free time, putting effort and money to bring you all of that. Meaning, we can't really make a release calendar, but, we have as objective to give you something every week, be it a review, an interview, news... Therefore, I hope you'll excuse us if we can't make our deadline and will enjoy every one of our articles.

That's it? Nope! We have the pleasure to announce that Tayla and the Muses of Metal Show will be back on KUBE Radio for a new semester. We will soon release a news with all the info about it, so check back!

Talking about webradio, this is a big news, some might already know that we are working on creating the “Muses of Metal Webradio”! Yep, you read it right, that would mean 24 hours of female fronted metal each day of the week, and with that, we hope some good show and podcast to go with. We've worked on that project for a few month now and are starting to see the end, and already some great bands have gave their authorisation to air their music, we hope lots will do the same soon. (And don't hesitate to go ahead and get in touch with us if you wanna authorise us to air your music)

We're really excited about that and do everything we can to make sure this project become a reality as soon as possible (with some hope in the first semester of the year).

So here we are, that's all we have planned for 2014, for the moment, and we're already making sure we'll be in every concert and festival to bring you the best. So, I wish you and Happy New Year and hope that for you and us, this will be a really great year.

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