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29/01/14 09:42AM

My first exposure to Anaria came in the form of their video of "I See Fire", a cover of the song by Ed Sheeran. And I have to be honest, I truly was impressed, by the song, by the soaring vocals, the coherence of the band. And frankly I didn't even know it was a cover, I had never heard the original. I have now and this cover of the song in my opinion does the song true justice, more so than the original. It is true epic, symphonic metal at it's best. I see a big future for this band.

I did a little digging and got to listen to some earlier material from the band, and even in 2009 when their first effort debuted, you could hear great potential. And for a first effort I thought it was superb. It had all the great elements of good symphonic metal, good orchestration, driving beats, beautifully haunting vocals and some bad ass riffs. I highly recommend this band to anyone who truly loves the Symphonic Metal genre, you won't be disappointed. They have me eagerly awaiting their upcoming release this year of their full length CD Seasons Of The Mind Vol. 1. I feel certain you'll fall in love with Mercy Roulette's vocals. It's just plain good music and I love it when a band brings their A game especially when it's as good as Anaria's A game. Their music sweeping, full of imagery and story telling, and it isn't confined to just one particular influence. The best part (for me), they are American and they hail from New England.

Anaria are: Mercy Roulette on vocals, guitarists Tod Miller and Dan Spinner, bassist Kevin H. Brady and Zac Paquette on drums.


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Author: Jack Williams

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