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Our Story

All began in 2008 when the young Tayla Dickinson decide to create a community for the female fronted metal scene with a goal: to be free of sexism and discrimination. From this pure and simple idea Chalice of Femme Metal was born, a forum where fans could came talk about their favourite singers, discover new bands, learn their news and simply make friends. It was a place created by fans for the fans. But that wasn’t enough for Tayla and her staff, they knew they could do more, and be more active within this little world. From that was created the webzine, with reviews, news, interviews and even a radio show.

As the community was growing, Tayla was too and in late 2011 a change occurred, Chalice of Femme Metal became Muses of Metal. "A name easier to remember and a bit less cheesy", as explained the admin. But even if the name change, the community and its goal was remain the same.

We are now in 2018 and Muses of Metal is still here, active and present. Reviewing, big bands as well as the newcomers, interviewing them and going to concerts and festivals to get you the latest info. We also now arrange shows and tours for bands - with names such as November-7, Apparition, Pulverise, Fear Me December, Bad Pollyanna, Angel Nation and more on our repertoire.
You can even find us on your favourite social networks, and if we’re not on it, you can be sure we will be.

Now you know who we are and what we do, but I have still got something to say, someone to thank, some without whom all of this couldn’t be possible. That someone, is you, our readers, our community which support and help us to do our best every day. So thank you from the bottom of our hearts.