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Our Services

Muses Of Metal offers much more than reviews and interviews! We also manage artists, arrange shows, festival performances and book tours. Since 2014 we have worked with: Angel Nation, Apparition, Bad Pollyanna, Chasing Dragons, Fear Me December, November-7, Pulverise, Winter's Edge and more!

Tours and individual shows

For individual shows, we work with several venues across the UK which vary in capacity sizes from 100-350 persons. We charge a small fee and 5% of ticket sales for invidual shows.
For tour packages we can arrange between 4-14 UK shows - this can include Scotland and Wales - for which our terms and fees vary. If you require a longer UK tour we are open to negotiation.
When contacting us for shows and tour, please send an electronic press kit including pictures, a well written biography, a few select examples of your music and also, your technical specification and requirements. This will help us speed up the process and help us to better liaise with venues.
We also will require all artists working with us to sign a contract, which includes a cancellation fee, and also to pay 15% of costs upfront.

Management packages

For bands wishing to work with us more long term we offer management packages - this can be anything from managing the general admin for your band, to acting as a UK and/or Western Europe booking agent. Of course, our services and fees vary depending upon the level of management you desire.
Please contact us at musesofmetal@gmail.com for more information.